STARTERCENTER NRW: successful start-ups

Startercenter NRW offers start-up help to ensure that your first steps on the path to self-employment are successful: advice and information on business formations and company development are available at over 70 locations statewide.

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Throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, over 70 Startercenters offer you information, individual advice and a wide range of training courses – and they are all free of charge.

The Startercenters in North Rhine-Westphalia are supported by Chambers of Crafts, Chambers of Industry and Commerce, and municipal business development agencies.

To find the Startercenter nearest to you, use the search facility on the website of Startercenter NRW.

The range of advice provided at starter centres is comprehensive and accompanies you through the entire start-up process.

This includes in particular:

Initial information

  • Roadmap for the next steps in self-employment – depending on where you stand with your business start-up
  • Starter package with materials for setting up a business
  • Information about events and seminars for business founders

Initial advice

  • Testing the business idea
  • Tips for preparing a business plan
  • Advice on the type of business foundation, e.g. franchising, company succession or team foundations
  • Information on corporate finance and funding programmes
  • Applying for grants, for example from the consultation programme for businesses in NRW

Intensive advice

  • Examination of the business plan in terms of feasibility and sustainability
  • Discussion of the financing concept
  • Preparation for the bank interview
  • If required, relaying of further advice for example

Support with business formation formalities

  • Tips for dealing with the authorities
  • Information about the necessary business formation formalities

All further information can be found on the website of Startercenter NRW.