Wirtschafts-Service-Portal NRW: so that dealing with the authorities becomes digital

Run commercial advertisements around the clock and from anywhere: carry out your administrative procedures completely digitally with the Wirtschafts-Service-Portal NRW.

As a business founder you have enough to do; to avoid having to spend longer than necessary on the formalities, you can register, de-register and change registrations of companies very easily via the Wirtschafts-Service-Portal NRW.

The processing is carried out completely electronically and without media disruption, combined with an electronic payment function. Once you have registered with the NRW service account, you can use it here. Other administrative procedures, for example applying for commercial permits or to be entered into the Register of Craftsmen, are to be carried out digitally in the future.

A programme supported by artificial intelligence is available to business founders. This helps to identify the necessary notification and application procedures. The chatbot Guido assists with filling in a digital application.

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