Start-ups Leroma and Voltfang win Meet, Greet + Beat final in Düsseldorf

At the final event in the state capital, the jury awarded two first places: Leroma GmbH from Düsseldorf and Voltfang from Aachen both received the 5,000 euros prize of the grand roadshow finale.

The last stage of the roadshow "Meet, Greet + Beat", took place on 13 September with the grand finale in Düsseldorf. At the closing event in the state capital, the jury awarded two first places: Leroma GmbH from Düsseldorf and Voltfang from Aachen both received the prize of 5,000 euros.

Mona Neubaur, Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy: "With our roadshow series, we offer young start-ups the opportunity to present their business ideas to a larger audience and thus get investors excited about them. They take advantage of this opportunity: I find it impressive that so many people with clever concepts are willing to take responsibility and help shape the future of North Rhine-Westphalia. We need these innovative and sustainable founders to advance the economy and climate protection together."

Eckhard Forst, Chairman of the Managing Board of NRW.BANK: "North Rhine-Westphalia needs courageous founders who enrich the digital and sustainable transformation of North Rhine-Westphalia with their impulses. The 'Meet, Greet + Beat' roadshow showed the diversity of ideas that young companies use to shape change. And it offered the start-ups a stage to make precisely these ideas better known and visible."

The following start-ups presented their companies:

  • Winner of the Roadshow WuppertalLEROMA GmbH, Düsseldorf (Marina Billinger): The company's goal is to recycle food raw materials. For this reason, LEROMA has developed the surplus exchange, where leftover stock and residual materials are resold. 
  • Winner of the Roadshow Münster – SALES2B Dostert Lohaus Wegge GmbH, Münster (Florian Dostert, Malte Lohaus, Bastian Wegge): Through the combined analysis of customer needs and sales data, the software uses artificial intelligence to identify the customers of tomorrow.
  • Winner of the Roadshow Dortmund – SeedMe, Bochum (Natascha Heinrich, Luisa Leinweber): The start-up sells seed-stable, i.e. traditional and natural organic seeds for flowers, vegetables and herbs. SeedMe thus offers a sustainable alternative to the predominantly offered hybrid seeds.
  • Winner of the Roadshow Aachen – Voltfang, Aachen (Roman Alberti, Afshin Doostdar, David Oudsandji): Voltfang is an environmentally friendly and affordable electricity storage system made from processed electric car batteries. The founders have set themselves the goal of making electromobility greener. They recycle used batteries and produce electricity storage at the same time to drive the energy transition.
  • Winner of the Paderborn Roadshow – Recommendy, Bielefeld (Berkan Cinar, Sinan Kuscu, Julian Meyer, Melvin Schwarz): The start-up has developed a platform for online retail. Recommendy equips online shops with AI technologies to automate manual work steps.
  • Winner of the Roadshow Cologne – YONA Group GmbH, Hürth (Aaron von Lüpke, Urs Pospischil, Mel Richter): The software start-up has developed an app with which they extend the analogue world with digital elements – such as a video in a print magazine or a 3D animation on a flyer – using an AR-supported software solution.

In addition to the pitch competition, there was an exciting supporting programme with thematic impulses and networking offers for people interested in founding, founders and founding scholarship equally!

Event information at a glance

Date: September 13 2022

Time: 5.15 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Location: Halle am Wasserturm, Areal Böhler

Hansaallee 321, 40549 Düsseldorf



Time Agenda Item
5.15-5.45 Arrival & first networking
5.45.-5.50 Welcome
5.50-6.15 Networking
6.15-6.25 Opening Talk with NRW Economics Minister Mona Neubaur
6.25-6.45 Review on Meet, Greet + Beat 2022
6.45-7.45 Pitch
7.45-7.55 Public Vote
7.55-8.30 Networking
8.30-8.40 Entertainment-Act
8.40-8.55 Award Ceremony
8.55-10.00 Closing

The pitch participants

Winning team from Wuppertal: LEROMA GmbH

Das Team von Leroma

Leroma - Simplify the Future of Change


Founder: Marina Billinger

Branch: Food industry/Internet

Company headquarters: Düsseldorf

Start-up summary: LEROMA's business idea is the targeted recycling of food raw materials at the beginning of the value chain. Until now, surplus raw materials have been converted into energy, recycled or disposed of. Only a small percentage is sent for reuse. For this reason, LEROMA has developed the Surplus Exchange, where surplus/remainder/residual materials are resold instead of being disposed of. The surplus exchange is an innovative solution to actively counteract food waste. It is unique in its form, as it does not yet exist in this form, and neighboring industries such as the pharmaceutical, pet food, cosmetics or cleaning industries benefit from LEROMA.

Further information:

Winning team from Münster: SYNTINELS




Founding team: Malte Lohaus, Bastian Wegge, Florian Dostert

Branch: Information technology – Cloud

Company headquarters: Münster

Start-up summary: Timing in B2B SaaS sales is everything – with SYNTINELS your SDRs address exactly the customers who need your software and thus realize +20% more meetings today. SYNTINELS analyzes your sales history, identifies your individual success drivers and prioritizes your prospects with the right timing.

By focusing on your ICP, SYNTINELS enables your SDRs to

    your SDRs to exceed their quotas
    increase your pipeline
    Evaluate new customers for the right timing to contact you

Further information:

Winning team from Dortmund: SeedMe

Natascha Heinrich und Luisa Leinweber von SeedMe

Zeichnung einer Vase mit Blumen darin

Founding Team: Natascha Heinrich, Luisa Leinweber

Branch: (Online) commerce

Company Headquarters: Bochum

Start-up summary: SeedMe sells seed-safe organic seeds, with the mission to give gardening a new look and offer a safe alternative to the hybrid seeds that are predominantly offered. With our focus on quality, sustainability, unique design and an all-around carefree package, we inspire amateur gardeners as well as gardening novices and people looking for the perfect gift. We take our customer:inside at the hand and clarify: The alleged green thumb or a garden is not needed!

Further information:

Winning team from Aachen: Voltfang

Gruppenbild des Gründungsteams von Voltfang


Founding team: Roman Alberti, Afshin Doostdar, David Oudsandji

Branch: Energy storage

Company headquarters: Aachen

Start-up Summary: Voltfang is an environmentally friendly and affordable electricity storage system made from processed electric car batteries. Through innovative technologies, Voltfang aims to offer society the opportunity to make the use of lithium-ion batteries more sustainable. Voltfang does this in two ways: First, Voltfang is making electromobility greener by offering used EV batteries a meaningful reuse and avoiding new production of traction batteries. On the other hand, Voltfang produces electricity storage systems, which are indispensable for the energy turnaround and which advance the energy turnaround by decentralizing the electricity market.

Further information:

Winning team from Paderborn: Recommendy



Founding team: Melvin Schwarz, Julian Meyer, Sinan Kuscu, Berkan Cinar

Branch: Software as a Service (AI, B2B)

Company headquarters: Bielefeld

Start-up summary: Anyone who can use artificial intelligence for their own benefit automatically has a major competitive advantage. Unfortunately, this technology requires a lot of data and enormous expertise that is not available in most companies. This leads to companies like Amazon dominating eCommerce. We're changing that, equipping both small and large online stores with next-generation AI technologies so they can keep up with the giants. By using our AI technologies, online retailers can save many manual steps and generate up to 10% more revenue through autonomous product selection optimizations.

Further information:

Winning team from Cologne: YONA Group GmbH

Urs Pospischil, Mel Richter und Aaron von Lüpke, Gründer von YONA Group


Founding team: Urs Pospischil, Mel Richter, Aaron von Lüpke

Branch: App and software development

Company headquarters: Hürth

Start-up summary: With the vision of enabling customers from all industries to share information in an innovative way, the founding team developed the AR app YONA. Just as diverse as the possibilities created by AR are the projects they manage. The team puts videos in print magazines, adds an image gallery to a business card or a 3D animation to a simple flyer. On tourist tours, attractions are underlaid with games or historical backgrounds are explained. YONA also makes it possible to show buildings that have long been destroyed in their old place in their original size. For customers in the manufacturing industry, an AR-supported guided tour through the machinery helps their employees to learn the ropes.

Further information:

Partners (This content is partly only available in German.)

Connections, contacts or a lucky coincidence – the right network and direct access to funding and consulting opportunities are the be-all and end-all for a successful start-up. Our partners in Düsseldorf.

Start-up Center

The Start-up Center of the University of Wuppertal is the central contact point for students, employees and graduates interested in founding a company. By offering a wide range of services, from workshops and lectures to individual consulting for start-up teams, the Start-up Center aims to raise awareness of the topics of start-ups and innovation throughout the university and thus increase the number of spin-offs.

Reach Euregio Start-up Center

The REACH EUREGIO Start-up Center pursues the goal of creating a platform in one of the most innovative economic and scientific regions in Germany where the various players in the ecosystem come together to create a sustainable start-up culture. The central task is to awaken the "start-up spirit" at WWU and Münster University of Applied Sciences and to significantly and successfully increase the spin-off of scientific start-ups.

Further information:

Centrum für Entrepreneurship & Transfer (CET)

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Transfer (CET) at TU Dortmund University supports and accompanies start-ups in all phases, offers courses and workshops on the topics of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation and stimulates the transfer of technology and knowledge from science into practice. With our measures, we want to establish a new start-up spirit in Dortmund, the Westphalian Ruhr region and South Westphalia, strengthen the local innovative power and thus make the region sustainably fit for the future.

Further information:

Logos von DWNRW & digitalHUB Aachen

The digitalHUB Aachen is the leading digitalization HUB in the Aachen economic region and operates, among other things, a start-up incubator, which is managed in close cooperation with the Excellence Start-up Center NRW of RWTH Aachen University. As an association, the digitalHUB Aachen is committed to the digitalization of the economy and the public sector in the Aachen region with members from medium-sized businesses, industry, start-ups and administration. The digitalHUB Aachen brings together start-ups and IT SMEs (digital "enablers") with classic SMEs and industry as users (digital "users") in the DIGITAL CHURCH to jointly develop and realize new digital business models. This is supported by the region and science ("supporters"). The digitization center is part of the "Digital Economy NRW (DWNRW)" initiative.

Further information:

garage33 Freiraum für Gründer:innen und Unternehmer:innen

garage33 is the start-up center of the University of Paderborn. Whether with or without a start-up idea, if you are interested in start-ups, you have come to the right place. We support university members on their way to self-employment and want to promote the start-up mentality in Paderborn.

Further information: garage33


The Gateway Excellence Start-up Center is the contact point for all people interested in founding a company and start-ups at the University of Cologne. The free services include start-up coaching, advice on funding, incubator places and an accelerator program. In addition, students and researchers can acquire know-how in courses and workshops, e.g. on topics such as entrepreneurship, data science or design thinking. Last but not least: contacts in the Cologne start-up ecosystem can be established at networking events.

Further information:

NRW.BANK Wir fördern Ideen

NRW.BANK is the development bank for North Rhine-Westphalia. It supports start-ups with special development products – for example, the low-interest NRW.BANK.Gründungskredit or the regional seed funds. For micro start-ups, there is the NRW/EU.Mikrodarlehen. Under the win NRW.BANK Business Angels Initiative, private investors support start-ups with capital and know-how.

Further information:

digihub Düsseldorf Rheinland

The digihub Düsseldorf/Rheinland is the platform and contact point for digital topics from the German-Dutch border in the Kleve district to the Mettmann district in the Bergisches Land region. As a matchmaker, the digihub connects SMEs, start-ups, corporations, scientists and investors and promotes the development of new digital business models, products and solutions. The digihub's shareholders include the state capital Düsseldorf, the Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Rhine District of Neuss and the Mönchengladbach Economic Development Corporation. In addition, the digihub is supported by a large number of cooperation partners. The digihub is a funding project of Digitale Wirtschaft NRW (DWNRW).

Further information:


Die Beraterinnen und Berater der STARTERCENTER NRW Düsseldorf/Kreis Mettmann sind Ansprechpartnerinnen und -partner für Gründerinnen und Gründer in der Region und stehen für alle Fragen rund um das Thema Existenzgründung zur Verfügung. Als akkreditiertes Gründungsnetzwerk begleiten die Industrie- und Handelskammer Düsseldorf, die Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf und der Kreis Mettmann das Gründerstipendium NRW.

Weitere Infos:


Women Entrepreneurs in Science ist ein NRW-weites Hochschul-Netzwerk für Gründerinnen und gründungsinteressierte Frauen. Neben einem umfassenden Netzwerk aus Gründerinnen, Mentorinnen und Mentoren sowie Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützern bietet Women Entrepreneurs in Science in Form verschiedener Workshops ein niederschwelliges Angebot, um Studentinnen und Alumnae für eine Gründung zu sensibilisieren. Die Mission: mehr Frauen für die Start-up-Szene.

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Ignition ist ein Accelerator-/Förderprogramm vom digihub Düsseldorf/Rheinland. Seit 2017 unterstützen wir frisch formierte Gründerteams bei der Ideenvalidierung, Prototypenentwicklung und Markteinführung ihrer digitalen Produktinnovationen.

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